Duron Plus In Pakistan

Imported From: Pakistan || Product size: 3x10Tablet


Duron Plus In Pakistan

Duron, Nutrifactor’s Tryception, a dietary supplement that is specifically formulated to provide comprehensive support to maintain men’s sexual health. It is an advanced combination of vital nutrients based on men’s reproductive health.

Tryception contains 20 essential nutrients, including Coenzyme Q10, which plays a key role in sperms motility, sperm cell energy production, and protects sperm cells from free radical damage.

Benefits of Tryception

Supports healthy male fertility with key nutrients.
Supports vitality and virility.
Helps in improving sperms health.
Aids in maintaining general wellbeing.
Benefits of Duron Plus

Provides nutritional support to boost energy levels.
Helps to minimize fatigue and tiredness.
Supports in muscle growth and strength.
Helps to enhance vitality and virility.


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