Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D 2000 IU

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Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D 2000 IU

Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D, However, many areas of the world receive insufficient sunlight, and even in sunny areas, many choose to limit their exposure due to the negative health effects of excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays. These factors have led to low vitamin D levels in many parts of the world.

Vitamin D in the diet and health benefits

Vitamin D is naturally present in some foods (e.g. oily fish such as herring, sardines, fish liver oils, eggs, and butter) and in a few foods that are fortified (e.g. margarine, some cereals, some yogurts)

Vitamin D3 The Preferred Bioactive Form

Ultra Vitamin D provides effective levels of the preferred form of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Ultra Vitamin D provides British Pharmacopoeia quality vitamin D3.


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