Vigorex 25mg Tablets in Pakistan

Imported From: USA | Product size: 25mg ( 4 Tablets )


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Vigorex 25mg Tablets in Pakistan

Vigorex 25mg Tablets Price in Pakistan

Vigorex 25mg Tablets in Pakistan –

Vigorex Tablet is used to treat the inability to keep an enlarged and rigid state of the penis during sexual activity. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction or ED. It is a prescription medicine. This medicine helps by relaxing muscles and therefore allowing the flow of blood into the penis. This helps a man to keep the penis in an enlarged and rigid state during sexual excitement.

How to use

Read the directions on the product label, patient guide, or medicine guide provided by the medicine company or your pharmacist before starting to use Vigorex Tablet. If you have any questions related to this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Eat this medicine as recommended by your doctor.
Vigorex Tablet is eaten with or without food. Avoid taking this medicine with a high-fat meal as it may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. Vigorex Tablet is eaten around 1 hour before sexual activity. Vigorex is not effective in the absence of sexual arousal.

Interactions with Vigorex

When two or more medicines are taken together, it can change how the medicines work and increase the risk of side effects. In medical terms, this is called a Drug Interaction.
This page does not contain all the possible interactions of the Vigorex Tablet. Share a list of all medicines that you use with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not start, stop, or change the dose of any medicines without the approval of your doctor.

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  1. Zaroon

    very effects and 100% 7yutls we have used it and got satisfied resutls

  2. Talha

    Goos and satisfied resutls thankx very resultive

  3. Zubia

    best and very effective i have used it

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