Under Eye Serum Price in Pakistan

Imported From: USA | Product size: 30ML


Under Eye Serum Price in Pakistan

One of the best ingredients to find in eye creams and serums is vitamin C because it gets rid of free radicals and brightens the skin. Vitamin C is also a potent collagen booster, and so the addition of vitamin C to your nightly regimen can help thicken the delicate under-eye area and conceal discoloration. Vitamin C also
strengthen the blood vessels and thus reduces the appearance of dark circles gradually. Vitamin C ester helps in thinning the skin and increasing collagen production on the skin

– [x] Cucumber extract

*a cooling effect on the skin
*helps in hydrating the eyes and surrounding tissues
*Reducing dark circles due to the high levels of vitamin K
* reducing inflammation due to the presence of ligands
* brightening the skin due to its ability to inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme that is involved in the production of melanin
*Cucumber extract also hydrates and soothes the skin. Its refreshing properties can reduce puffiness and relieve itching, as well as help to ease redness – for example sunburn. Cucumber extract is suitable for all skin types.

– [x] Chamomile extract

Soothing Chamomile Extract helps diminish dark circles to give you radiant under eyes. HOW IT WORKS: Caffeine peps up your peepers and fights against the effects of UV damage to give you smooth, bright under eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties of these help to reduce any swelling or inflammation that accompanies irritated eyes.


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