Ultra Blends Hair Diet In Pakistan


Imported From : China || Product size : 200 ML


Ultra Blends Hair Diet In Pakistan

Ultra Blends Hair Diet in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore

Ultra Blends Hair Diet Price In Pakistan | HerbalTablets.pk

Ultra Blends Hair Diet is a complete diet for your hair, an organic formula from Japan. One magical mix of 31 essential Hair Oils, Magical Herbs from world over, Hair Vitamins, Nutrients, Proteins, Collagen and Follicles, developed to help you get your dream hairs. Size is 200-ml enough for more than 2-Months

Wondering how to get thick, long, shiny hair? All the girls on this planet are born with the same dream. You have come to the right place. Hair Beauty brings the first complete hair diet of Pakistan, to make your hair thick, long and shiny.

Ultra Blends Hair Diet Benefits

Your hair grows from your hair follicles, which are located on your scalp. Each person has around 100,000 hair follicles on their scalp and each of those follicles grows a strand of hair. However, as we grow older, some of our follicles may slow their hair growth or stop producing hair, leading to hair thinning and balding. No worries Hair Diet will make your hair thick, long and shiny!

How To Use:


Take few drops of Hair Diet Orange into your palms.


Apply it the roots and tips of hairs.


Massage softly for 9-11 Minutes.


Leave it for 3-5 hours or overnight for best results.

(Wash your hairs and move a step forward towards your dream hairs)


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