Hip Lift Up Massage Cream Price in Pakistan

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Hip Lift Up Massage Cream Price in Pakistan

Hip Lift Up Massage Cream Price in Pakistan | HerbalTablets.Pk

Hip Lift Up Cream In Pakistan |Hip Up Cream Price in Pakistan 100% Results Hip Lift Up Cream In Pakistan is specially designed for areas concerned with sagging pores and skin (internal surface of arms and thighs). It has a suggested tightening and strengthening effect. The in-depth method of preparation. Hip Lift Up Cream when applied to the skin, deeply moisturizes the epidermis, normalizes the water-lipid balance, and has an immediate tightening effect. Brown algae extract and plant extracts defend cells from premature aging because of loose radical activity. Regular use of Hip Lift Up restores skin elasticity, and notably improves the advent of palms and hips.

Act: Hip Lift Up Cream Price In Pakistan

1-Firming action. Strengthening epidermal cells, and increases their resistance to negative external factors.

2-Lifting effect of Hip Up Cream. It visibly tightens sagging skin, reduces the number of folds, and improves microrelief.

3-Intensive hydration. Intensively restores moisture in dehydrated skin.

4-Skin regeneration. Intensively restores epithelial tissue, and promotes the renewal of skin cells.

5-Restore water balance. Normalizes the hydrophobic balance in tissues and reduces moisture loss by the upper layers of the skin.

tem Type: Hip Up Cream Application: Gently massage the buttocks from dawn to morning in morning and at night.

Features: Hip Lift-Up Cream In Pakistan

1. An extract of natural herbs that helps tighten the buttocks.
2. Reduce black lines and maintain a natural skin balance.
3. Firming the skin of the buttocks, strengthens the buttocks.

Instruction Hips Enlargement Cream

For external use only, keep the product in a cool place and away from children.
This is a Private Listing! We will ship items in a discrete package.
Please avoid pregnancy and lactation use.

The cream contains natural ingredients. Active trace elements penetrate deep into the skin of the buttocks and thighs fully activating skin cells. Blood circulation rises, and fat metabolism accelerates, all this will make the buttocks and thighs plump and elastic.

Hip Lift Up Massage Cream Price in Pakistan – 1500.PKR


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