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Everyone Loves How Easy It Is To Make Instant Coffee. If You Prefer A Coffee With No Sugar At All, Reach For Lingzhi Black Coffee! Dxn Lingzhi Black Coffee Is An Organic Coffee Beverage Uniquely Blended With The Finest Coffee Beans And Ganoderma. Just Add One Sachet Of The Lingzhi Black Coffee Into 150ml Of Hot Water And Stir To Enjoy A Sensational New Coffee Experience With Dxn.


Instant Coffee & Ganoderma Extract (Ganoderma Lucidum)

Benefits :

? Improve Blood Circulation
? Strengthens Heart Muscles
? Reduce Fluid Retention
? Relives Respiratory Problems
Coffee Ganoderma Coffee Is Unique In That It Is Actually Beneficial For Our Health. Where Regular Coffee Can Cause A Range Of Negative Health Issues, Ganoderma Coffee Actually Provides The Anti-dote To These Issues. Regular Coffee Has Between 60 To 150mg Of Caffeine, While Gano Coffee Has Only 9mg Of Caffeine. So What Is This Gano Coffee, And Where Does It Come From? Ganoderma Coffee Is Made From An Arabica Coffee Bean, Grown Organically, And Infused With Ganoderma Extract. Ganoderma Coffee Can Protect The Immune System, Provide Energy And Vitality, Minimize Tiredness As Well As Enhance Longevity.

Indications :

After Muscle Exertion With Sports; When Health Aid Is Needed, When Desiring Smooth Coffee To Enjoy!

Ingredients :

Instant Brazilian Coffee Beans, Ganoderma Extract

Directions :

With Microwaved Or Boiled Water.

Item Specifics :

Flavor : Ganoderma

Brand: Dxn

Expiration Date : 03/2021

Contains: Instant Coffee + Ganoderma Extract

Country/Region Of Manufacture : Malaysia

Food Specifications: Halal

Total: 1 Pack = 20 Sachets


The Above Mentioned Products Are Herbal Food Supplements Designed To Assist In The Maintenance Of General Well- Being Through Regular Use. The Information Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. These Product Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease. Dxn Does Not Condone Or Advocate Self-diagnosis Or Self-medication In Any Way. If You Have A Condition Which Requires Medical Diagnosis And Treatment, It Is Important That You Visit Your Healthcare Professional.

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