Butt Enhancement Essential Oil Price in Pakistan

=-Imported From Usa | Product Size 80g – Available In All Cities Pakistan


Butt Enhancement Essential Oil Price in Pakistan

Butt Enhancement Essential Oil, Organic Formula Based on plant formula, nourishes muscle cells and promotes the growth of buttock muscles to make the buttock enhancer fuller. Hiplift Buttocks Essential Oil The buttock enhancement essential oil improve flabby, sagging, and flat buttock, getting firm buttocks. Suit for all women who dream of having beautiful hips.

How to Use?

1. Use a Warm Towel to Use the Hip for 1-2 Minutes.
2. Practice the Product Lightly on the Buttock.
3. One-hand Rub Down to Enhance the Hip (Both Hands in Turn, About 10 Times).
4. Both Hands Lifted the Hip From the Bottom Up (About 10 Times).
5. Change -hand Rubdown (Approximately 10 Times).
6. Two-hand Rubdown Alternating With the Formed Hip (Approximately 10 Instances).


1. Natural and safe ingredients, so that you can use it more at ease. Mix precious essences, safe.

2. Lift sagging buttocks and even bigger and heavier breasts. Renewal of overstretched and sagging buttocks tissue.

3. Tighten and adjust to remove buttocks wrinkles

4. Instant fullness results and long-lasting enhancements for continuous use.

5. Deeply nourish the skin and improve skin elasticity. The perfect essence of the buttocks, makes you comfortable all day long

6. Apply twice a day to make you have perfect buttocks. In the morning or the evening. Use it after bathing or showering for better absorption.


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