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Aichun Beauty Hip Lift Massage Cream In Pakistan

Aichun Beauty Hip Lift Massage Cream Price In Pakistan

Aichun Beauty Hip Lift Massage Cream In Pakistan –

Achan Beauty Hip Lift Up Hip Massage Cream in Pakistan, Jewel Mart, Clinically Proven for Bigger, Fuller, Buttocks, Hips, Natural Enhancer for Men & Women

Tocopherol: Hip-up cream has tocopherol, improve lipid metabolism and prevent arteriosclerosis.
PANAX GINSENG: The massage cream contains ginseng ingredients that enhance skin cell surface activity and inhibit aging.
Effect improvement: The butt enhancement cream improves the soreness of the waist and legs, soothes the soreness caused by sedentary, Enhances the tightening of the butterfly and the meat, and effectively shapes the hip line to create a confident and beautiful.
Easy to use: To use daily at bedtime, you can get firm buttocks, elastic and complete.
Natural safety: RtopR Buttock cream All natural, Green safe, hormones and parabens, no side effects.

Key Features

Aichun Beauty Hip Lift Cream
For All Skin Types
Expands the Cellular
Reduces Black Lines
Keeps Natural Skin Balance
Give you the Perfect Shape of Hips
Skin Moisturizing
No Side Effects


Volume: 150ml


Protein powder, papaya, soybeans

How to use:

Apply Simply
After a shower, apply on your hip and massage for several minutes. The effect will be better if you use it after exercise.


Depending on how you react to the Hip lift cream, you may need 3Pcs to achieve the desired results.

3 reviews for Aichun Beauty Hip Lift Massage Cream In Pakistan

  1. zaroon

    very effects and 100% resutls we have used it and got satisfied resutls

  2. Faizan

    no doubt very good resutls i have personaly used

  3. Furqan

    it is amazing and very resultive product we have used it and got resutls

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