Vitamin C Serum In Pakistan

Vitamin C Serum – Light Texture Hydrating Serum, Helps Restore Moisture & Natural Collagen


Vitamin C Serum In Pakistan

Vitamin C Serum Price In Pakistan – Dr. Rashel

Vitamin C Serum Skin Boost Instant Smoother – 100% Pure In Pakistan

ChiltanPure Vitamin C serum contains vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid that is readily utilized by the skin cells to protect against damaging free radicals. It is light texture hydrating serum that helps restore moisture & natural collagen. This serum contains Hyaluronic Acid that slows aging process due to its best moisturizing properties.

Take 2 to 3 drops Apply it all over your skin.
Pat or rub gently.
We will recommend to use this serum in evening.

Even Skin Tone
• Reduce Fine lines
• Firm & Smooth Skin
• Eliminates Dark Spots
• Reduce Dark Eye Circles
• 30ml

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  1. Sumbul

    Amazing Product

  2. Zaara

    I have used Vitamin C Serum i got good results thanks HerbalTablets.Pk for product quality

  3. Aleema

    Goos and satisfied resutls thankx very resultive

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