Power Prash Price in Pakistan

Imported From : India || Product size : 250Gm


Power Prash Price in Pakistan

Power Prash Price in Pakistan | HerbalTablets.Pk

Power Prash is a wonderful natural male enhancement supplement that boosts energy levels and strengthens the system of the body. it’s truly an elixir of life because it helps to prolong the longevity of life. It is not a drug but a natural male enhancement supplement with herbs. it’s effective in igniting lost desire with its potent combination of herbs and other 100% herbal products.

Ingredients of Power Prash

This Power Prash Manufacturing by India now available in Pakistan is a formulation with Natural Herbal ingredients such as
• Gold, Mulshi
• Makardhwaj
• Shilajeet
• Brahmi
• Kokilachh
• Lata Kasturi
• Keshar (saffron)
• Other precious herbs.
These all components are active ingredients and the results amazing. Because It’s not like those chemical treatments that produce potentially dangerous side effects, power Prash is safe and all-natural.

How To Use Power Prash

Usage: Take One Teaspoon With Milk Daily.

Power Prash Price:- 3500 /-PKR


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